Flower cast- 2021

  • January 7, 2021
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Flower cast- 2021

The much awaited 2021 has finally blossomed!

A year of hope, of recovery, and of sunnier days ahead. What better way to adorn and celebrate such a time, than with flowers?

As trends go- new ones have taken place, timeless ones have remained and as a medium, we are here to help you navigate.

  • Naturally- Nothing more fruitful than using endowments from the treasure trove of nature. This very drive is responsible for putting flowers on the table. Biophilic designs are continually evolving using natural elements as accessories, fresh foliage, light, and sometimes whole plants. Unique green pieces are anticipated to be formed, dominated by shades of green to keep up with the trending botanical styles.
  • Accessories- Meant for passionate decorators only! Simple arrangements of flowers may not suffice, aesthetics now have a vital role to play. Earthen containers inspired by African & Indian cultures, wicker baskets, etc. will be witnessed this year. Wreaths and bouquets made of dry flowers are expected to make a comeback. The most notable development is the earthly clay & loam centers with flowers growing out of them.
  • Color inclinations- Although most trending tones will be carried forward from 2020, such as pink, red, violet, orange, brown, lilac, blue, etc. The colors of the year, as declared by Pantone Color Institute are- ultimate grey and illuminating yellow.

Grey represents balance and objectivity, along with gloom and loss. While yellow signifies happiness and hope. Both aptly describing where we are coming from and where we are trying to head, isn’t it?

  • Home gardens- With the world working and learning from home, people are determined to accommodate the great outdoors indoors. Promisingly, flowers and home décor are a match made in bliss. Flowers instantly uplift their surroundings with their calming and vibrant colors. Yellow- the happy color is a big victor in this regard.

Having them around helps people focus better and be more productive. Thanks to flowers, it takes so little to make home dwellers feel elated!

  • Micro Weddings- As the virus spread bigger and bigger, wedding gatherings grew smaller and smaller. Instead of breaking the bank on that big fat wedding, people now prefer intimate gatherings. These events mostly mandate bouquets for bride and bridesmaids, boutonnieres for the groom & groomsmen, flowers for the parents, few well-positioned bits, and a statement center piece!

While the timeless and classic white is still prevalent, couples also prefer the forever romantic ‘blush’ for their wedding floral.

  • Gothic Spring- Yes, you read that right! Quite a paradoxical concept, courtesy of the pandemic year. Opposites are more attractive than ever. While we have left the pandemic year behind, a little drama is much appreciated. Dark tones with a dash of color are said to make their first appearance this spring. We expect to see black and purple paired with funky undertones of neon shades.
  • Sustainability- With Mother Nature threatening to slip out of balance, this futuristic practice is steadily slipping into many businesses. Florists are diligently working to innovate and provide eco-friendly selections & welcoming green practices such as as- sustainable packaging, procuring from local farms using organic fertilizers, eco-conscious floral foam substitutions, etc.

Dried flowers are a hit for this genre as it allows re-use, reduced waste, and long-term value. Flower arrangements using upcycled containers or other materials could also be game-changers.

That’ll be all from our side, hope you found what you were looking for!

To all those working in the floral industry and are willing to help shape it, do let us know how you feel!

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